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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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steadfast love because time and again they swallowed their fears and doubts and did what was hard. so today, when the challenges we face start to seem overwhelming or even impossible, let us never forget that doing the impossible is the history of this nation. it is who we are as americans. it is how this country was built. and, and if our parents and grandparents could toil and struggle for us, you know, if they could raise beams of steel to the sky, send a man to the moon, connect the world with a touch of a button, then surely
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we can keep on sacrificing and building for our own kids and grandkids, right? and if so many brave men and women could wear our country's uniform and sacrifice their lives for our most fundamental rights, then surely we can do our part as citizens of this great democracy to exercise those rights, surely we can get to the polls on election day and make our voices heard.3 f2 nuestra voz se oiga. if farmers and blacksmiths could win independence from an empire immigrants could leave behind everything they knew, if women could be dragged to jail for
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seeking the vote, if a young preacher could lift us to the mountain top with his righteous dream, and if proud americans can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love, then surely -- surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great american dream.3 f2 americano. because in the end, in the end more than anything else that is the story of this country. the story of unwavering hope ground in unyielding struggle. that is what has made my story
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and barack's story and so many other american stories possible. let me tell you something, i say all of this tonight, not just as first lady, no, not just as a wife, you see, at the end of the day my most important title is still mom in chief. my daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world. but let me tell you, today, i have none of those worries from four years ago. no, not about whether barack and i were doing what was best for our girls, because today, i know from experience that if i truly want to leave a better world for my daughters, for all of our sons and daughters, if, if we want to give all of our children
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a foundation for their dreams, and opportunities worthy of their promise, if we want to give them that sense of limitless possibility, the belief that here in america there is always something better out there, if you are willing to work for it, then we must work like never before. and we must once again come together and stand together for the man we can trust to keep moving this great country forward, my husband, our president, barack obama! thank you! god bless you. god bless america! >> first lady michelle obama. savannah and i have relocated to the floor. savannah, that was personal, that was emotional, this crowd
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was silent. they love her. one of the political writers today said her job was to make the country fall in love with her husband all over again. >> telling this deeply personal story about how much she loves her husband she is trying to remind voters why they like her husband. in 2008, nicknamed her the closer. when she went to the stop, she would close the sale. here tonight she has a task as the opener. >> we have heard from the first lady here tonight. you will hear from savannah tomorrow morning on "today." and we hope you will join us tomorrow evening on "nbc nightly news." another day here at the democratic convention in charlotte. those of you in the east and midwest, your late local news begins now. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. for savannah guthrie, our team, i'm brian williams, nbc news.
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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> opening night at the democratic national convention. >> first lady michelle obama gbagbo personal accounts of their decision. a breakdown of governor martin o'malley's turn in the spotlight. we began from charlotte. >> the first lady brought her star power to the opening night
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of this convention. she asked the voters to give the president four more years. firstly michelle obama spoke of her husband character and conviction, their humble beginnings and shared values. >> barack knows the american dream because he has lived it. he wants everyone in this country, everyone, to have the same opportunity, no matter who we are or where we are from or what we look like, or who we love. >> she touted the accomplishments of his first term. >> today, after so many struggles and triumphs and moments that have tested my husband in ways i never could have imagined, i have seen firsthand that being president doesn't change who you are. no, it reveals who you are. >> for president jimmy carter
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addressed the delegates by video, crediting them with help middle-class families. >> because president obama sits behind that desk, everyday people, from plains, georgia, to pittsburg, have somebody on their side. >> santonio mayor katz buhle in castro gave the keynote address -- san antonio mayor julian castro gave the keynote address. the delegates adopted the history making platform. >> all those in favor, say aye. >> becoming the first major party to endorse the same sex marriage. now the delegates officially nominate the president and vice- president on wednesday. that is when former president bill clinton delivers a prime- time address. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> governor martin o'malley had only a few minutes to get his point across that the democratic national convention, but he did so with vigor, even though you did not get to see him at you are watching in d.c.. sheldon dutes took a closer look at what the governor had to say tonight. >> the major theme of the speech is about moving america forward, not backward. that was a catch phrase that caught on during the speech. the governor heavily redeemed himself in the convention -- definitely redeemed himself in the convention speech. governor o'malley walked on stage to a cheering crowd. >> greetings from maryland, home of the number one public school system in america for four years in a row. >> the governor's -- governor told the crowd that america needs to move forward by electing president obama for another term. we watched the governor's speech
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with matthew cliveden of johns hopkins university. >> his delivery was a very laid- back. he showed tonight that he could be a very animated. >> maryland always chooses to move forward. we understand that progress is a choice. job creation is a choice. whether we move forward or back, this is a choice, and that is what this election is all about. >> during the speech, o'malley talked about his grandparents immigrant experience and the way his parents' generation benefited from the new deal. he emphasized that obama would guarantee medicare, make college more affordable, and create jobs in the private sector. >> compared this was a big improvement, and have to give him credit for the improvement. >> the content was effective.
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but this is not the first time o'malley has spoken at the democratic national convention. when he spoke at the 2004 convention, he was mayor of baltimore and was introduced as the bright star in the democratic party. he spoke about homeland security, but some said the speech was too over the top. >> the alabaster cities clean, undimmed by human tears. >> the speech tonight was said to redeem him from his performance in 2004, but his comments that the nation is not better off than it was four years ago may have harmed him. >> the comments and the reversal he made the next day. >> yesterday, governor o'malley backpedaled on his comments that the country is not better off than it was four years ago, by saying that it clearly is. sheldon dutes, wbal tv 11 news.
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>> another woman has come forward with the sexual harassment case against anne arundel county executive john leopold. in a signed affidavit, she described herself as an employee of his office who is on leave because of what she called the toxic environment in the office. leopold is being sued by former employee for sexual harassment. the public thought i was the woman in the backseat of the car with leopold in the parking lot. she went on to say, leopold was where i had done some modeling in the past and he asked to look at my photos. he spent the money to show him photos of meat in a bathing suit, and i did so. leopold also faces criminal charges for misusing his security detail.
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rapid it -- the affidavit is being provided to the attorney overseeing the sexual harassment case. >> frank williams and william wood iii are charged in the shooting death of 19-rolle rodney pritchett at the mall in december of last year. brandon and brown are also -- are also accused in the place. the jury will resume deliberations at 9:30 in the morning. the suspect in the perry hall high school shooting was indicted and more disturbing allegations have surfaced. 15-year-old robert gladden jr. faces charges. according to charging documents, he intended to kill eight other people. investigators say he fired two rounds from a shotgun he brought to school last monday on the first-ever class. a 17-year-old was wounded and
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the doctors have upgraded his condition to serious tonight. parents converged on perry hall high school tonight to talk about some of the issues coming to light in the wake of last week's shooting. questions range from safety protocol to crisis counseling. kerry cavanaugh has the latest for us. >> parents get a chance to grill the principle to not about what happened that day, and what is being done to decrease the chances that it will happen again. eight days after gunfire marred the first day of school at perry hall high, principal george roberts and debriefed parents. >> the big thing is that they took the first steps. >> most of the questions focused on three issues, communication on the day of the shooting, school security, and how to better address troubled kids like the alleged share, robert jr.kmogladden,
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>> he had had enough. he was going to take matters into his own hand. >> the school is putting the onus on students to report any red flags that pop up in school or on facebook. htc something like this, even someone you think of as a friend making some kind of post or a common, is not cool, is not ok. it comes down, the parents, we educators, and this didn't do gets a number of parents expressed anger that they found out through the media instead of the school. >> others thank the staff for catching the gunman after the seven teixeira -- after the 17- year was shot and debated the merits of metal detectors.
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>> every little step helps to >> i think that is kind of a stupid idea. nobody wants to walk through a metal detector because people have phones that are metal, ipods. >> the principal tells us the issue of the metal detector will be settled at a later date. we are told that a speaker from kentucky is scheduled to come and address the staff and students here at perry hall later this month. kerry cavanaugh, wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland delegate it burns has been a vocal critic of the campaign supporting same sex marriage and now he is asking for the ravens owner to get involved. he referred to an e-mail advertising the raffle of two tickets as part of a maryland is for marriage equality fund raiser.
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in a letter, burns asked the ravens owner to step in. he says "my constituents and football supporters are aghast that a member of the ravens football team would step in to this controversial divide and try to sway public opinion one way or the other." the response, the fight is not about same-sex marriage or interracial marriage or slavery or equal rights for women. the fight is for equality for all. the ravens started appearing in a web campaign sponsored by marylanders for marriage equality. >> i believe we should be doing everything we can to make maryland family stronger, which is why support marriage for gay and lesbian couples wanting to make a lifetime commitment to each other's. >> motors will have the final say when it comes to same-sex marriage in maryland. that controversial issue will be on the november ballot.
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>> all tied up, along with the new york team. >> the race is shaping up, and how good it feels. gerry sandusky looks and how the orioles are defying expectations. >> 14 straight losing season. the first -- only 27 games left in the regular-season and the orioles appear to have every check -- every bit as good a chance of winning the division. mark reynolds continuing history at the plate, a three-run home run. the orioles' winning 12-0 to 9. tampa bay rays'evan longoria help their cause with a two-one
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shot of his own. the orioles are deadlocked even in first place with new york. the orioles wrap up their series against toronto tomorrow night. much more on the start of an amazing september, little later in sports. >> amazing is. tonight, people are shocked by the comments made by baltimore county judge to a victim of domestic violence. but next time you'll hear the recording from the courtroom. >> sheriff and thunderstorms on >> sheriff and thunderstorms on the radar tonight, and
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sababa more county judge is in hot water because of the way he treated -- a baltimore county judges in hot water because of the way he treated a woman in his courtroom. >> jayne miller has details, plus the actual recording of what the judge said in court. >> it was december in a baltimore county courtroom. a 33-year-old woman was seeking protection from her husband. she described to an incident that happened in the woman's white marsh home, that caused her to ask for the husband to be removed from the house. >> 83 me down on the floor and stomped my ribs. my oldest, who is 12 years old, got my phone and he was in the closet with a hammer and cold someone to come get us.
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>> [indiscernible] people tell me they are scared for their life and then they stay in this situation. >> he made clear he was reluctant to put the husband out. >> happening not say it is our house? >> it is his house. >> that is not what the police say. >> i don't care what the police say. >> it questioned the woman's decision to return to her husband after prior break up, and twice accused her of thinking only of money.
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>> is the easy way out. >> that is not it at all. >> you could leave anytime you want. >> with what? with what? but that is not my concern. that is your concern. your concern is money. what you have done and let you continue to do is based on what is the economically easy way for you. it is their concern was really the second of your children, you would already be out of there. >> he did grant the woman's request and issued a temporary protective order putting her husband out, but only after he told the lawmen the court order was nothing more than paper. -- he told lawman the court order was nothing more than paper. >> he could shoot you right through it -- he told the onewon
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it was nothing more than paper. >> he was appointed to the bench 10 years ago. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we have had some scattered showers in the area this evening. a few locations with really heavy downpours and other areas with just a sprinkle or two. as you can see, there are still some sprinkles up and down the i-95 corridor. some lightning still showing up in the pennsylvania mountains. a rather unstable atmosphere. total precipitation, let's check it out as far as the estimates go. in some locations, not a lot at all. across the central eastern shore south of baltimore, heavy downpours in south-central pennsylvania and parts of frederick county. it really depends on where you are. there will be isolated showers
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and storms the next few days. the monthly total is one-third of an inch and a yearly total is 22.8. temperatures were well above normal today. the average of 82, and we hit 89 degrees officially at bwi marshall. temperatures are not:off rapidly with the cloud cover. it is very hard to cool off. we will see temperatures in the morning stake kind of war. then you have the dewpoint numbers. when they are in the 7's -- temperatures cooling -- temperatures in the morning staying kind of war. the remnants of isaac bringing tropical moisture for the mid atlantic. there is a front in the upper midwest. that will get here but not until the end of the week. for the next three or four days, it is the same basic
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pattern. warm and muggy, temperature staying above normal. small craft advisory for the bay tomorrow morning. western maryland mountains, a shower and 78 tomorrow. a thunderstorm, but only a 20% chance -- on thursday. the temperatures will probably hit 90 in many areas on thursday. down at the coast, a little color, but the rain chances are also little bit higher. >> lesley could be a threat to bermuda as we get later into the weekend. the forecast is for 100 mile an hour winds. that is the storm will have to watch, but it is nowhere near landfall in the united states. 86 tomorrow, 9's thursday and friday. the ravens kickoff on monday and
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it will be a little bit cooler. >> the orioles continue to make this a september to remember. more on the wind that pushes them into a first-place tie, and we will show you the yankees continued slide, all next in sports. >> it is tuesday, september 4. tonight's jackpot is an estimated $93 million. you must match these five white balls plus the gold megaball. let's see if we can make to a millionaire tonight. 41-39-53-32-16. tonight's megaball number is 16. if no one that is all six
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numbers, friday's
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x tonight the orioles completed a six week race. they were even, in first place with the yankees. the biggest first week of september for the franchise since cal ripken and jr. broke the iron man mark. a three-run shot to left field, his 17th of the season. 3-0 auriols. it was raining for a little while before they shut the roof. they could not put a lid on the orioles. the seventh inning, j.j. hardy with a single. the orioles were in front 7-0. chris davis will double to left field and adam jones comes around. the score, 8-0 aureoles. a single to right, matt wieters comes around to score and the orioles rout the blue jays, 12-
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0 big new york has now lost four out of five. new york to the early lead tonight in tampa. 1-0 yankees. bottom of the third, evan longoria puts tampa up to stay. a two-run shot, 3-2 rays. chapelwood put together five and enter runs -- tampa would put together five unanswered runs. and but they beat the yankees 5- 2. this one will have people shaking their heads around the country. the orioles have pulled into a first-place tie with the new art yankees. the orioles have 10 games left, with the yankees andy rays. starting with a four-game series at the york -- at the guard
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against the york common and that begins thursday night. -- at the yard against new york, and that begins thursday night. mckinney tweeted "this season is made, i am gone." continued negotiations prevented that exit from happening. he can reportedly earn the money back from playing incentives. for coach john harbaugh, the solution works, since he believes he had a better team with mckinney than without the big left tackle. >> he is a part of us, he never left us. i am excited, just as i told him. i have a lot of respect for him as a ballplayer. we are going to be strong up front. we'll have a strong offensive line, and he is a big part of that. >> the per se game plan this


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